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Clowning in Nature is an Adamotions creation

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'One of the best weeks of my whole entire life'

'A seriously incredible week. I've been on quite a few clown workshops but this was without a doubt the best'

At Clowning in Nature we believe that to really go deep into learning and bring a new level of sensitivity and awareness to creative work, the best way to do it is out in nature...


Our renowned retreats combine communal country living, world class teachers, vegetarian food and cameraderie that often runs into late night jam sessions, lasting friendships and profound performance breakthroughs.


Since our first event in 2012, we have taken one or two groups of aspiring performers every year for a weeklong experience with Phil Burgers (have a look at the feedback here).


At all our residential events you will find good vegetarian food, wood fired saunas, deep nature and gorgeous yurts or farmouses to stay in. You may find yourself jamming with the other participants round a fire at night or playing in a forest with them in a day time session.


We use everything around us to to inform learning - be that the fields, hills, lakes, a pen of goats or a hose pipe. We work with Phil Burgers and a selection of world class teaches in producing retreats and workshops around the globe in clowning, puppetry and writing. To be the first to find out what we're up to, join our mailing list here. Workshops are produced by Adam Taffler.

What is Clowning in Nature?

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